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"Is this thing on?"


If you have ever found yourself looking at your audience and wondering whether they are hearing what you are saying (or if they are even listening)…

You're not alone.

If you have ever found yourself staring at your team and doubting whether they are getting your message (or if they even care)…

You've come to the right place.

There is no frustration quite like the feeling of being unheard and misunderstood. It saps confidence, short-circuits creative risk-taking, and kills effectiveness.

I've been there, and I can help.

About Me

Why "5x5"?


The War Department's description in Field Manual 24-6: "Radio Operator's Manual, Army Ground Forces" in 1945.

The Definition

The term "5x5" (pronounced "five by five") is a shorthand phrase describing the strength and readability of a radio signal as measured on a pair of 1-5 scales. To respond "I read you 5x5" is to say that you can hear the message "loud and clear."

The Inspiration

There's Cold War drama behind it ...

The Meaning

Without signals that are "loud and clear" --

  • communications don't work...
  • strategies don't get implemented...
  • ideas don't spread...
  • changes don't occur...
  • leadership doesn't happen.

Whether your audience is the group of people in attendance to hear your presentation, or the members of the team or organization you're responsible for leading, the rules of the game are the same: they won't be engaged with your message and trust your ideas if they aren't reading your signal "5x5."

Who I Help

Those who lead others

If your success is measured by the success of others, then Leadership is your job. Understanding how to tune your signal so others can and will follow is the key to effective leadership, regardless of title or scope of responsibility.

Those with ideas to share

No idea is good enough to make change happen if it can't be communicated clearly. If you have ideas worth sharing -- to peers, bosses, or potential investors -- communicating effectively is as important a skill as the work itself.

Lance is one of the best at taking information and making it visually appealing and useful. If you lead an organization and you want to master the art and science of shaping and sharing your message with your team, I would call Lance.

Ryan Hawk
Creator & Host
The Learning Leader Show

How I Help

Insightful ideas applied using the  IDEASTM analytical framework and the recipe for communication that is "loud and clear" -- all delivered in a variety of formats and settings.



the 5x5 framework


Kill Signal


Kill Signal


Kill Signal


Kill Signal


Kill Signal

for results that are "loud and clear."

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Are you ready to boost your signal?

Better questions lead to better ideas.
Better ideas lead to better messages.
Better messages lead to better communication.
Better communication leads to better results.

If you're ready to start clarifying your thinking and tuning your message,
5x5 Advisory is ready to help.

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